Fakealicious® Training Academy Courses


Using a needle we deposit vitamins 0.5mm into the skin instantly tightening the skin. Known as the red carpet facial as you get instant results with no redness. It is used for wrinkles, scarring, skin rejuvenation, fat dissolving & has a number of benefits.

Learning outcomes

  • Salon health, safety & hygiene (Home Study)
  • Anatomy & physiology (Home Study)
  • Client Consultation (Home Study)
  • Contra Indications (Home Study)
  • Preparation of client
  • Treatment Procedures
  • Training Video
  • Test
  • Case Study required

More details

  • This course is open to existing therapists with a minimum of facials.
  • Price £129


All deposits paid are non refundable but can be held for 6 months if 14 days notice of cancellation is given.

Fakealicious Training Academy cannot be held responsible for any changes in regulations or insurances that may take place that is out of our control and  can effect insurances in the future.  We give up to date knowledge to the best of our ability to all our leaners/customers at the time of booking/participating on the course.  We advise all learners to do their own research before booking onto any courses.