Fakealicious® Training Academy

Semi-Permanent Makeup/Microblading

SPMU is a technique using either a digital machine or a manual hand tool which implants pigment into the skin.  This is used to create either natural hairstroke brows, ombre/powder effect brows, eyeliner or a full lip colour.  This is a permanent technique (similar to a tattoo but using different inks and a more natural effect), after the first treatment a top up is required 4-6 weeks later and then annual top ups are needed.

Treatment Price
Microbladed Brows £250 (including 4-6 week top up)
Ombre/Powder Brows £260 (including 4-6 week top up)
Eyeliner £260 (including 4-6 week top up)
Lip Blush £260 (including 4-6 week top up)
Annual Top-up £130

Treatment Gallery

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