Our needles come with anti-flow back, meaning when carrying out SPMU treatments blood will not get sucked back into the handpiece, cross contaminating future clients.

Our needles are individually packaged and come E.O Gas sterilised for single use.  All needles come with lot numbers, manufacturer date and expiry dates.

1r 0.18 needles are perfect for nano strokes, eyeliner, shading and precision work

1r 0.30 needles are perfect for shading brows (ombre/powder brows), hairstrokes, lips & eyeliner

12r needles are used for microneedling on face and body. Due to a 12r needle having more space between the needle cartridge it is more aggressive on the skin, meaning it is great for treating many skin concerns such as scarring and boosts extra collagen.

Nano needles are used for BB Glow treatments or for light exfoliation.